Countertop Repair and Your Home

There are several ways to repair an area damaged area on a vinyl laminate countertop where fluids have seeped throughout the seam and resulted in the particle board to swell beneath.

The methods used to fix the raised spots will vary depending upon the manner of counter top which you have.

All laminate countertops are not manufactured the same style, therefore there are various answers to this problem. The plan of your kitchen and the extension of the injury will establish the manner that the repair might have to be done. There are 3 fundamental Formica counter top designs, article form, beveled border as well as the conventional sq border fashion.

This rings true for wood borders, beveled laminate, Corian or strong surface form borders. The culprit that caused the is the particle board underneath. We asked the pros at kitchen remodeling Kansas City The laminate seam cannot resist the rising pressure the humidity creates as it combines with the wood. This is why your beautiful Formcia, Nevamar, Pionite or Wilson Art vinyl laminate top needs a repair.

Repairing Water Damaged Post Type Countertop Seams

The only successful and professional way to repair a water damaged article form shirt is to replace it with a brand new one. During time, it is this style of top that has proved to be the most absorbent and consequently has displayed noticeable harm in several kitchens that I’ve seen.

This fashion of counter has a rounded front border. This design always has the backsplash shaped into a curved shape as well. The same holds true whether you’ve a large place on the flat part of the counter in which two pieces in which joined together which has swollen.

The vast majority of those countertops, in latest years, are custom made by the cabinetry company that’s building the kitchen. Even though a lot of the beveled edge ceilings whom consumers get through Home Depot or Lowes are supplied by mass production facilities. Custom fabricators just purchase that the beveled laminated borders and apply them to the countertops as they’re building them.

The angled edging is in fact a piece of molding made out of medium density fiberboard, thats susceptible to that the possibility of being damaged from liquid absorption.

Square Edged Counters with Water Damaged Seams

It’s this style of Formica counters which offers some hope if it’s sustained water damaged.The seam may need to be completely reworked by re laminating that the entire countertop. The great news is that you’ll not need to tear out that the entire kitchen counter in order to fix the damaged seam area. Here again, the raised area might need been prevented by not using particle board beneath that the laminate when that the top was manufactured. Plywood is your best choice for these customized buds products.

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